We are #TeamMintano

Our heart beats for social media.

With social media we don’t mean Facebook feeds filled with cat videos or cheesy advertisement attempts. Social media is what it is – social. A community of people, connected through the internet and a common passion.

We transform communication.

Cat ladies. Fashion victims. Cupcake lovers. Football romantics. Saturday-evening-Netflix-allies. They all have something to share. Stories. Ideas. Photos.

Via social media, you can reach people who are passionate about it. Instead of consuming irrelevant content, you start to communicate. But why is this so important for corporations? Because customers might know the brand better than any brand manager. We are here to help you to tell your own story.

We bring social media into real life.

For us, social media is the art of bringing people and stories together. We asked ourselves: What are the points of friction? What makes us become a brand ambassador? What makes social media tangible and more sustainable? Social networks changed how we communicate and shifted communication into the virtual world. We build the bridge and take social media back into the real world. With our products like as the Hashtag Printer, social media communication comes alive. – #SocialMediaInRealLife!

Who we are.

Wir sind ein Düsseldorfer Startup, das gerade die rheinische Startup-Szene erobert. Wir lieben Social Media und ganz besonders Instagram. Unsere Mission: Wir bringen Social Media in die reale Welt! Dafür haben wir eine Reihe innovativer Marketingtools entwickelt, mit denen wir interaktive Kampagnen im Bereich der Live-Kommunikation realisieren – z.B. unseren Hashtag Printer oder Like Contest.

Alex Mihailovski

CEO & Co-Founder

Marcus Hillebrecht

CEO & Co-Founder

Thea Grünen

Project Management

Danny Gohr

Business Development

Clélia Morlot

Social Media & PR

Sergej Görzen

Software Developer

Anand Singh

Software Developer

Anna-Lena Scholz

Social Media & PR