With individual GIF stickers, your brand will receive awareness on social media like never before. The trendy animations can be used on all relevant social media platforms. GIF stickers offer you new options to get in touch with your customers and present your brand in a fun way. MINTANO helps you to get your very own GIF stickers in no time.

What are GIF stickers?

GIF stickers are short animations with transparent background that can be used for Instagram Stories, TikTok & other social networks. GIF stickers are made available through Whether you plan a product launch or social media campaign – with custom GIF stickers you bring the social media communication of your brand to the next level.

Make your brand memorable.

Portrait stickers vs. illustrations

Portrait GIF Stickers

Portrait stickers are animated sequences showing real people. Equipped with green screen and professional camera gear we come to you and create portrait stickers of your employees, models or influencers.

GIF Sticker Illustrations

A GIF sticker illustration can be an animated logo, product or claim as a typographic GIF. It can be generic, themed or seasonal. We create the 2D or 3D GIF stickers based on your graphic material or briefing.

Portrait GIF Stickers.

How it works.


Capture video in front of green screen.


Upload sticker to


Sticker can be found via keyword.

All you need.


Storyboard with desired poses


Setup of Giphy brand channel


Sooting at your location


Hashtag optimization


Instant upload (perfect for events)

GIF stickers in MINTANO quality.

Which style suits your brand, which message do you want to share with your product? We assist you with all these questions and guide you from the beginning.

Giphy SEO

To make your GIFs rank higher on Instagram, TikTok and other platforms, they must contain certain keywords. We identify the right ones for you. That way you reach millions of users with your GIF stickers.

GIF Insights

We measure and optimize the performance of your GIF stickers (SEO ranking, views etc.).

Account Manager

An account manager will be personally there for you all the time.


From the conception until upload – we got you covered with our service features.

Make your brand memorable.