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VERO – “true social”?

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We always knew that social media is fast-changing and that certain trends can be outdated shortly after. The best example for this phenomenon might be the new social media platform VERO.

What the heck is VERO?

Even though it’s on the market for already 3 years, VERO has just recently been discovered by influencer, social media fans and companies and is hyped as the new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Despite the fact that it should be called “truly social” (shoutout to all my fellow grammar nerds; I feel you!), what makes VERO more social than other platforms?

Will the new “true social” platform dethrone Instagram?

VERO does not use an algorithm but shows all posts in chronological order and is advertisement free. Those are the things people more and more complain about on Instagram. Furthermore, it has categories such as books, movies, series and places where users can recommend their favorite things and share them with their community which I personally think is a great idea. One can simply search for a great series when not knowing what to binge next.

Which side are you on?

But all that glitters is not gold. Due to the immense hype, the server were overloaded and it took ages to post, load and search for content. VERO also has a damaged reputation due to the fact that users need to use their phone number to sign up. Another critical factor is that its founder and his family appears to be corrupt and refused to pay his employees for months.

This led to the #DeleteVero-movement which gains more supporters every hour.

Theoretically, VERO is a great combination of the previous social media platforms. Practically, not so much. Most people appear to have only signed up out of fear of missing out and not wanting to eventually pay for the app. They just broke the 1 Million user mark, whereas not a lot of people are really using it. I’d say this makes VERO rather unsocial since being social means to communicate. And barely anyone seems to communicate at this point. The app also led to split opinions which only drifts users more apart than bringing them together.

A new slogan might be appropriate.
What about: VERO – almost social.

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