Startup internship – Interview with Anand, software developer at MINTANO

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Who are you? And what are you actually doing here?

I am Anand Singh, a computer science & engineering undergrad working to make MINTANO the best Social Media Marketing firm. I live fast, fail fast, learn fast and deliver fast, so sometimes the world around me appears slow and dull but then it is easier so see patterns and predict accurately. It was an important decision for me to do an internship 6,249 kms away from my home, but the German culture and people (most of them) with a heart of gold pleasantly surprised me and I am going to count this as one of the best decisions of my life.

Which three #hashtags describe you the best?

I will be best described by #livinginfuture, #speed, #love and #nottheguyyoumeeteveryday.

Why did you apply for a position at MINTANO?

I love working for startups because they allow a lot of freedom and you own your work, MINTANO helps people to reach out to more people and I love that besides that I met Alex and Marcus at START SUMMIT 2017 and liked their fun loving attitude. They seemed to be the kind of guys from whom I can learn a lot.

What did you do before?

A lot of things, working for startups, making cool software projects, learning as much as I can blazingly fast.

What kind of job was the worst one you ever had?

None, hint: see second paragraph.

What makes you special in your job at MINTANO?

I work tirelessly, weekends-check, holidays-check, after working hours-check. I work as if it is my own company, period.

Are you like a whirlwind or do you control chaos?

I am like gravity, I do everything depending on the circumstances.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, only when I haven’t slept enough.

GIF Booth or Hashtag Printer?

The Social wall, everyone gets their moment of spotlight.

What is your personal mission at MINTANO?

My mission is to deliver highest quality solution fast and provide the fuel for MINTANO to become the best social media marketing company.

To whom would you recommend working in a start up?

Those who actually want to live and not just exist.

Whom should one follow on Instagram?

@teammintano, get awesome pictures from events all over Germany and Europe.

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