Startup internship – Interview with Val, project management intern at MINTANO

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Who are you? And what are you actually doing here?

Hi! My name is Valériane, but most people call me Val. I’m 23 years old and come from France. My hobbies are cooking, watching TV shows, playing board games and, whenever I have the time and the money, I love to travel.

I’m currently studying in Cologne for a master’s degree in International Management. Within the scope of my studies, I need to complete an internship. I found Mintano while searching in the field of event management. I am the newest addition of the team and I’m working in event-/ project management with a focus on the French market.

Which three #hashtags describe you the best?

#seriesaddict, #foodislife #whereisthecheese

Why did you apply for a position at MINTANO?

I’m always looking for new challenges and experiences in project management and I like the atmosphere and the organization of a startup. Moreover, I was searching for a good team because no matter how great the job is, it stands and falls with the team. 😉  Everything pointed towards MINTANO, so here I am.

What did you do before?

I studied in Troyes (FR) and in Frankfurt (DE) for my bachelors’ degree in International Management. I’ve also been to Canada and did a lot of internships in the past. My internship at MINTANO is already my fifth.

What kind of job was the worst one you ever had?

I would say the worst job I ever had was to do inventories in a hardware store. In three words: dirty, lengthy and hazardous.

What makes you special in your job at MINTANO?

I bring my frenchitude, my various experiences in event-management and travel experiences.

Are you like a whirlwind or do you control chaos?

As Einstein said, “order is for idiots, a genius can handle chaos”.

Coffee or tea?

Both, coffee is for surviving and tea for relaxing.

GIF Booth or Hashtag Printer?

I use GIFs everyday to communicate with my friends, so it will be even funnier to have my own GIF Booth.

What is your personal mission at MINTANO?

I’m here to learn as much as I can, to meet new people and discover a new work environment. The cherry on top will be to improve my German. 😉

To whom would you recommend working in a start up?

To whoever is searching for a cool and interesting job and an awesome team.

Whom should one follow on Instagram?

Ryan Reynolds, the funniest actor of Hollywood! His comments and posts are hilarious! 😀

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