Your own cover shoot? – On the cover of Fortuna Aktuell

Marketing with a difference. Even in times of the corona pandemic, customer interaction can be increased because marketing campaigns can also take place virtually. Fortuna Düsseldorf took this opportunity and designed a digital cover shoot for its customers. 


"Fortuna Aktuell" has been the stadium newspaper of Fortuna Düsseldorf for decades. And even now the community is showing solidarity. A new edition of the newspaper appears for every competitive match or for a special event, such as the season opener. This time, to coincide with the start of the season, visitors can be photographed in different locations of the stadium with the help of the VIRTUAL BOOTH .


What is the aim of the action?

Of course, the focus is on having fun. The visitors should try out the different possibilities of the photo campaign and at the end see themselves on the cover of Fortuna. Fortuna has thus succeeded in a unique photo marketing campaign. Designing customer interactions to be Corona-compliant is currently a challenge for some companies. To ensure that the entire campaign is not forgotten so quickly, the visitor receives his cover by email at the end.


How does a virtual cover shoot work?

Die ganze Aktion ist vollkommen Corona-konform. Die VIRTUAL BOOTH wurde auf der Startseite der  Website von Fortuna Düsseldorf integriert. Ganz einfach und von überall lässt sich der Link zum Shooting öffnen. Der Besucher benötigt lediglich ein Handy oder einen Laptop um das Foto aufzunehmen.


Whether on the field, in the stadium or in the changing room: the virtual backgrounds make it possible. After the visitor has taken a photo, the intelligent software can be used to remove the background and replace it with a selected stadium background.


In order to remain true to its own brand identity, the layout of the BOOTH has been updated to match the look of the original Fortuna cover. The so-called overlay is placed over the recorded image and completes the cover. 


It is particularly important to observe the legal requirements: the virtual photo marketing campaign is of course GDPR compliant. The photo module is also very easy to integrate into the company website.


Show it to the whole world #95

A hashtag accompanied the whole marketing campaign so that the pictures can also be shared on social networks. The visitor receives the picture by email. The mail contains the picture and a link with which the photo can be shared directly.


A complete success

Already in the first few hours, a peak of several hundred pictures was reached, which were taken by the fans. From young to old, everyone took part in the marketing campaign. The customer journey was designed to be simple so that there were no hurdles for visitors.


interest aroused? 

Would you also like to organize your own cover shoot but missed the promotion from Fortuna Düsseldorf. Look here: The test version of our VIRTUAL BOOTH.